The Body Electric (thebodyelectric) wrote,
The Body Electric


My first (totally irrational) reaction is to curse all of my friends in hetero relationships who get to make a decision for themselves that I can't. It's a very stupid response, but I suppose we get angry at what is most accessible whether it makes sense or not.

My second (somewhat irrational) reaction is to drop out and leave. Also, very dramatic, but I never feel so clearly like a second class citizen as when it is encoded in law. Perhaps not as irrational, because I can take my economic input and whatnot elsewhere and harm the state somehow.

My third reaction is to cry with a tight chest and feel helpless. What does one do when so resoundingly voted against by a mass of people so much larger than oneself?

I have been so mislead. I think my heart is breaking because I like it so much here, but I can't really be here like this.
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