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The Body Electric

Live, Love, Lust

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This is a sacred hyper-space for the exploration of selves, fantasy, dreams, and connections. A project for the unabashed and unapologetic everywhere.

This is also dedicated hyper-space. While readers and commentary are appreciated, audience is not the focus of this journal.

Changes left unchecked.
Learning for the impatient.
Les cornes des femmes.
The mental distance of answers.
The electricity of movement.
New Muscles
Rien a cacher.

Recently, we motivate eachother to write via challenges to rid ourselves of blocked ideas and fear of writing. Innovation is welcome.
abstract journal, acceptance, air, ambiguity, anger, animal, answers, avoidance, balance, being gutsy, being regretless, being unabashed, being unapologetic, birds, breath, changes, cherries, circumstances, clearing the air, clit, compromise, conductors, confidence, creativity, critical, cunt, cycles, dancing, debate, dedication, deflowering, development, devotion, diamonds, difference, diminishing guilt, distance, diversity, doubts, electricity, elements, empowerment, expansion, extremes, finding, flowering, flying, forever, freedom, full circle, gems, giving and taking, growth, happiness, having no hestitation, having nothing to hide, heat, hibitions, illumination, ingenuity, inhibitions falling away, instinct, intelligent, jewels, joy, knowing, leaning and lifting, learning, leaving, les cornes des femmes, liberation, life, light, lightness, live, losing limits, love, loyalty, luminous, lust, maskless, meditation, metal, middle ground, motivation, movement, moving, muscles, narrowing, negotiation, openness, pain, phoenix, plastic, playing, polarization, polished, presents, punk rock, purity unfound, queerness, questions, racy, rare, rejection, renewal, reproduction, river rocks, rocking, rocks, seperation, shock, smiles, smooth, spontaneity, starting to think, static, strength, structure, students, sun sky clouds, synergy, temporary, the body, themes, thoughts, time, transferring ideas, traveling, trial by fire, truth, unacceptability, uncensored things, undisguised, unpolished, variance, variation, virginity, vivre, water, wings